Sizing is one of the hardest aspects of the children’s clothing brand. When you consider a 5lb baby and a 10lb baby, one is twice the size of the other, but both considered normal and within the average range! You can also have babies that weigh the same but are very different shapes/ lengths. 

So, while the ages given are average, you will most likely know whether your child is smaller or larger than average and size up or down accordingly. If in doubt, please get in touch and we’ll always do our best to offer guidance or provide garment dimensions if required.

Our clothing range now goes up to 7 years of age, which is the age at which boys and girls start to differ significantly in average size, and therefore the age at which it becomes impractical to offer unisex children’s clothing.

Baby clothes sizing guidance 

Age  Weight Maximum height
0-3 months  5.7kgs 62cm
3-6 months  7.4kgs 68cm
6-12 months  9.9kgs 80cm
12-18 months  11.3kgs 86cm

18-24 months




Children's clothing sizing guidance

Age  Maximum height
1-2 years  92cm
2-3 years  98cm
3-4 years  104cm
4-5 years  110cm
5-6 years  116cm
6-7 years  122cm