Sometime in early 2012, I was shopping with my sister in law who was pregnant with her first baby. We went into a well-known high street parent and child shop and I was horrified at the sea of pink on one side and the sea of blue on the other! I jokingly said I should set up a colourful, gender neutral baby clothes brand and my sister in law said it was a fab idea. It took me five years to do anything about it, but in 2017, Beeboobuzz was created.

I've always been a feminist - I dislike gender stereotypes and the negative impact they have on young people. Being a woman my initial focus was on how it limits girls, but since having a son in 2015 I've realised how restrictive it is for boys too. There's a growing number of small brands offering more variety, but the choice on the high street is still very limited, both in terms of colours but also logos, designs and embellishments.

The idea behind Beeboobuzz is to offer good quality organic, bright and colourful gender neutral clothing for babies and children that provide an alternative to the limited range available elsewhere. Our clothing can easily be mixed and matched with rompers, pinafores, dungarees, skirts or trousers, or used to layer up.

Our cotton is 100% organic and is dyed in the UK and our clothes are also manufactured in the U.K. Since we launched, we've gradually added to our product and colour range, and we plan to continue growing! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch -