World Mental Health day

Historically, our mental health and well-being hasn’t been given the same prominence as our physical health and well-being. Often dismissed as people being mad, selfish or just in need of some tough love and being told to get in with it.

Thankfully, as a society, things seem to be changing. We are recognising the importance of our mental health as part of our overall well-being, and how it can affect every aspect of our lives including our relationships with others, work and the impact it can have on our physical health.

Globally, one in four people will struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives. And, according to the World Health Organisation, someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds. The World Economic Forum reports that the number of people living with mental health issues is increasing.

World Mental Health Day, led by the World Federation for Mental Health, campaigns to raise awareness of the issues around our mental well-being and to encourage access to mental healthcare as a fundamental right, in the same way we see access to physical healthcare as essential.

This year, with the current global pandemic, more people are struggling with isolation, fear and anxiety, job losses, bereavement and trauma so support for our mental well-being is more vital than ever.

As a children’s clothing company, we are proud to support Young Minds, a charity providing care for children and young adults who are struggling with their mental health. We donate 1% of turnover, annually, to the charity via Work for Good, to help them with their essential work. We thank you, our customers, for enabling us to make this donation.

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