Why we're not doing Black Friday

Yes, it's that time of the year again when everyone is bombarded about messages telling us to buy, buy, buy and what a bargain it is! While we're left wondering if the price was actually more last week, or if they've just hiked it up for the weekend. 

The discounts offered always make me wonder about how much profit these companies must make on full price sales, if they can afford to drop the price so much! 

Black Friday is a really difficult period for small businesses as many try to compete by offering unsustainable prices in an effort to get new customers. The problem is, small business often have smaller margins anyway, so large discounts mean they're selling at around cost price, and that's not fair or realistic. 

I'm one of these small businesses and so I'm not going to do Black Friday deals. I simply can't. Instead, we offer good value clothes all year round. Our prices are stable and we're not pushing you to buy things you don't need. We're not cheap, but that's because our clothes are ethically made in the UK by people who are protected by employment legislation and get paid a decent wage. 

If you buy from us, I want it to be because we make beautiful, quality clothes for children that last. Because our clothing is ethical and we donate 1% of turnover to charity, annually, and because of the lovely, personal customer service! 

Please support small businesses this year, and if you're looking for ideas, here's a lovely list of companies who need your money! 

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