What do we do with deadstock?

For those of you who haven’t heard the term before, deadstock is what the fashion industry calls stock that hasn’t sold. It’s normally either past season lines that didn’t sell well, items that have been returned by the customer or slight seconds.

Brands and retailers often have a challenge around what to do with it. Sometimes it goes to a third party for resale (like TK Maxx), but often, due to the low value placed on clothing and the ‘disposable’ nature of it – it gets burnt.

Famously, Burberry was criticised for burning large amounts of stock a couple of years ago, citing concerns around not wanting to devalue their brand. At the time it was called the dirty secret of the fashion industry. It is quite upsetting that clothing that had taken time, energy and resources to produce, was simply burnt, for purely financial reasons.

The same goes for returned items – something that will increase with the expansion of online sales (especially in the past year), as people buy multiple styles or sizes to try on at home and return the rest. Many companies are not set up to spend the time checking each item and booking it back into stock, so it often sits around, or gets sent to a third party for processing. But if it can’t be sold – it goes into landfill or gets burnt.

So what do we do with deadstock? Well, we try not to have any but after three years of tweaking with the cuts of various products, a few returned items and a handful of slight seconds and we now have a couple of boxes of stock and we’re obviously not going to burn it.

Instead, we’re selling it at ridiculous prices! We’ve created an Outlet section on the website and will keep adding new bits as and when we update the cut of our products or discontinue lines. Happy shopping!

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