Today is Earth Day

Earth Day is about focusing on things we can do to protect the planet. This can include: 

Or a whole host of other things! 

As a small brand, we try to be sustainable. We only use organic cotton, which is less polluting. We also manufacture in the UK, which has a number of benefits including a reduced carbon footprint in transport, but also, due to the progress the UK has made over the last decade around decarbonisation of the National Grid, the factory itself will be less polluting than similar ones in the Far East. 

We also use plastic-free and recyclable packaging, and we avoid unnecessary tags and bits that get thrown away! 

In addition, as a gender-neutral children's clothing brand, our clothes are easier to pass on to siblings/ cousins/ friends or even sell on. We aim to create well-made clothing that can be worn, passed on and worn again. This is a far more sustainable way to wear clothing, than poor quality items that don't last and are thrown away. 

We're still looking at further improvements we can make, so this is a work in progress, but we're getting there. So sustainability isn't just a policy here, it's part of our DNA. 


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