The value of British made baby and children's essentials

People often think of quality when buying British. For children's goods such as clothes and toys, the reputation British items carry is one of quality. Yet there are many benefits interwoven into the making and selling of British products. In this post we are going to cover four aspects that have a lasting impact. 


The ethics of being British and locally sourced are multi-faceted.  Firstly, by tapping into a network of British production, we can be assured raw materials and end products are being created in fair conditions. We can find out who and where things were made in ways that can be more accessible and visible too. 

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Local Economy

Buying British helps a network of independent business, who often focus on values other than just profitability. Business owners can be passionate changemakers and visionaries with ambitions for positive impact. By supporting them, consumers can bring money and employment back into local communities as well. 

British Quality

Quality control is typically managed in house and reflects our international reputation for excellence in manufacturing. Buying British is about sourcing an item whose standard of craft and manufacturing will stand the test of time. Many items can be kept, passed down to the next generation and reused. Others will hold value and have resale value too. 


Supporting British made can be more ecologically friendly. It cuts out the shipping and large carbon footprints that comes from international importing of both raw materials and the end goods. Equally, many British makers are eco-conscious and committed to finding plastic free alternatives. Factor in the quality and you see less heading over to landfill sites and becoming waste. 

To summarize, buying British and supporting Britain made children's clothes and toys has many benefits beyond quality. Quality is only one aspects, when in fact,  shopping local and buying British can have a wider positive social and environmental  impact. 

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Dr Hellion is a british designer-maker of educationally focused craft toys. She is a committe member of the British Toymakers Guild and a member of the heritage craft association too. You can see more of her work at

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