Let's talk about packaging

Dull, right? Not the most inspiring of topics, although you’d probably be surprised about how much thought goes into packaging for products, especially branded products for high-end products. 

As an ethical company, we endeavour to minimise our impact on the environment, so we use only tissue paper and paper mailing bags, both of which are commonly recyclable.

However, re-using things is better for the environment than recycling, where possible. Check out the waste hierarchy diagram I made! The Waste HierarchyThis is because recycling still requires energy and chemicals to process the materials, so it can be manufactured into a new product. Additionally, you also have transport costs (from your kerbside to the recycling depot, then onto a reprocessing facility, often overseas.) All of which uses diesel. This is why reusable products are generally better than single use ones, regardless of what they're made from. 

Which is why we absolutely love it when our lovely customers tell us they've been re-using our packaging! This blog was inspired by posts from our customers in our Facebook group, The BeebooBUZZ (you can click here to join if you haven't already), showing us pics of the creative ways our packaging has been re-used. 

Present wrapping and shredded paper

The mailing bags can be used again, and the tissue paper can be used to wrap presents, shred for packaging protection or used for arts and crafts! Please, please, please, re-use it as much as you can and let us know how you got on! 

Artwork using recycled tissue paper

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