June is Pride month!

This month you’ll be familiar with many brands changing their logos to rainbow-coloured and proudly stating their support for the LGBTQ+ community. Whether or not they support that community for the other 11 months of the year is a bone of contention with some people, but there we are.

So, I haven’t changed my logo colours for the month, but I am going to say we sell plain rainbow-coloured basics for children all year round, not just in June. We also donate 1% of our turnover to charity all year round, not just in June.

We do a percentage of turnover rather than profit, because it’s more clear-cut. Profit can be reduced by allocating costs to certain areas – this is how the likes of Amazon get away with paying no (or very little) tax in some countries, despite billion-pound turnovers. But that’s for another day and another blog.

We pay 1% of turnover to the charity Young Minds, via the Work for Good website, on an annual basis. I spent a long time trying to decide which charity I felt would be right for us and Young Minds feels like a good fit for what our brand is all about. They support children and young adults who are struggling with mental health; an area that’s been increasingly important over the past year.

As you should all know by now, our clothes are intentionally gender-neutral. This is because I firmly believe children should be free to like whatever colours (and toys) they want, without being constrained by narrow and inaccurate gender stereotypes. With a lot of clothing, girls are being told they should be pretty in pink, smile a lot and care what other people think of their appearance. Whilst boys are told they should be making trouble without worrying about the consequences and should feel an affinity to predator-type animals and murky colours.

Of course, this is absolute nonsense and isn’t an accurate reflection of children’s wide range of interests and beliefs, especially at an age when they are working out who they are and who they want to be. If you then add the power of our heteronormative society on those children who are questioning their identity and do not fit within what society deems as ‘normal’ this can have a huge impact on their self-esteem and understanding of their identity.

So, I’m not trying to claim we’re going to change the world here, but in our small way, we’re trying to provide alternatives for parents to be able to raise their children in an open-minded way. And, through our charity donations, we’re trying to support those children who need help, for whatever reason, to be healthy and resilient adults (who maybe can change the world!). And we do this all year round, not just in June.

Happy Pride Month!

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Well put! Kids need the space to find out who they are without restricive clothes and assumptions limiting them! 👏👏👏

Ang Morton June 24, 2021

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