It's costume season!!

Did you know? Children's costumes are classed as toys, not clothes. This means they are not subject to the same safety standards, including fire standards. 

Campaigning by celebrities, most notably Claudia Winkleman after her daughter was badly burnt wearing a halloween costume, has led to better safety standards, but still not the same as clothing. 

Most costumes are made from synthetic fabrics, often poorly made and designed for single or few uses. As we all know, synthetic fabrics shred micro plastics when they are washed, which get into the environment. Additional, single use things are not good, due to the amount of energy and processing that goes into the manufacture, for that item to be discarded after only one use. 

The Guardian recently looked into the amount of plastic materials brands use in their costumes. 

I'm sure I'll get shot down by some saying they don't have time, which is fine, but I strongly recommend making your own costumes if you can, and our basics are perfect for this! I've made costumes for my son, and I often use clothes that are well worn, damaged or on the small side before I start cutting into them. (The purple leggings were perfect for a Highway Rat costume for World Book Day!)

Orange Beeboobuzz and pumpkin costume

Then at least I know he's wearing safe clothes, comfortable cotton and the items have had as much use as I can possibly manage! I've also re-used and re-purposed costumes, and passed them along to others. 

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