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I’d originally dismissed the idea of having a blog on here because I didn’t think I’d have anything to say, but I’ve realised I’m actually quite opinionated. Whether or not any of you will want to read what I’ve written, is another question altogether!

So, welcome to the Beeboobuzz blog. I will try to keep my thoughts and rants to vaguely relevant topics, so this will include gender stereotypes, the need for unisex childrens’s clothing and related issues including mental health, equal opportunities and diversity. I’ll probably also talk about environmental topics including reducing waste, organic cotton, plus British manufacturing.

I’ll also use this space to keep you updated on news and a bit of behind the scenes. And, if I can find anyone willing, I’d like to include some guest blogs sometimes, on things I think you might enjoy. Please feel free to join in the conversation and suggest topics you’d like discussed too. 

To get started, I just want to mention that this week saw fashion guru and ethical activist Katharine Hamnett in the news talking about how to make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly and reduce waste.

This week also saw one of my customers sending me a photo of her daughter wearing a pair of leggings originally purchased for her son. This is one of the (many) benefits of unisex children’s clothing - it’s easier to hand down to siblings, cousins, friends regardless of gender. As long as the item is good enough quality to last (which is another subject altogether) then it works out cheaper for you and better for the environment. Win win.

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