Our first annual donation to Young Minds

A few months ago, during Mental Health Awareness Week, I announced we would be donating 1% of turnover to Young Minds from now on. 

My financial year runs from August to July, so I've just looked at my full year's turnover for the last year and made my first annual donation! The donation was made through Work for Good, who help small businesses donate to charities. I have to say, the amount was larger than I was expecting, which is awesome and all thanks to you! 

If you missed our original announcement on why we chose Young Minds, you can catch it here. 

Since I made the announcement, COVID has hit even harder. There is increasing evidence to suggest that while young people are less likely to be seriously affected by the virus itself, they are suffering more than most in terms of loss of education and jobs. Young Minds have produced a report on this and you can read it here. This is also having a significant impact on mental health and wellbeing. A recent report from The Prince's Trust suggested the wellbeing of 16-24 year olds it currently at an 11-year low. 

As our economy takes a hit and services are cut back, charities like Young Minds need our support and our money even more than ever, so I'm incredibly proud to be able to do this and I want to thank you all for your support and for making this possible. 

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