Donating to Young Minds

This week is Mental Health Awareness week so it seems a good time to announce that, from now on, we’ll be donating 1% of turnover to Young Minds, a charity dedicated to supporting children and young adults with mental health challenges.

It’s always been an aim of mine to have a charitable association for the company – I think it’s important companies are used to do good in the world. It’s just taken me a while to decide which charity best aligns with our aims, as I wanted it to be a meaningful relationship and there are so many deserving charities.

Mental health is an issue close to my heart. It’s well documented that gender issues and pressure to conform can have serious mental health consequences for young people, not to mention the fact that suicide is still the number one killer of young men and I firmly believe this is partly tied to toxic masculinity.

We all know that mental health services are seriously under-funded. This seems even more important at the moment as young people are reporting struggling more with the current lockdown. It’s also likely that services will be cut further when we come out of this as we try to recover the economy and pay back the borrowing and the cost of furlough.

For these reasons, the fabulous work that Young Minds does seems to fit perfectly with our ethos as a company and what we are trying to achieve by breaking down gender stereotypes and allowing children to be themselves. Their work is much needed and I’m hoping the money donated, thanks to you, will go some way to support young people in times of crisis.

I’ve chosen to donate 1% of turnover, rather than profit, as profit figures can be manipulated, whereas turnover is clearer. And I’ll be donating on an annual basis, when my financial accounts are done. Since my financial year runs August to July, the first donation will be made in a few months and I will backdate it to cover the whole of this financial year, starting last August.

The donations will be made through Work for Good a company that supports donations to charities. It won’t be huge amounts to begin with, but as we grow, so will the donations.

And finally, thank you to all my customers, past, present and future, who make this possible.

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