Ditching Fast Fashion - part 3

My last post about finding ethical women's fashion sparked lots of conversations and some of you gave a few other suggestions for brands to check out, which was great - thank you! 

Since I posted that, I've found an app called Good On You that rates fashion brands on ethical and sustainable criteria - hurrah! They have a website, which you can check out here - https://goodonyou.eco

They rate brands based on their labour policies, as in how they treat their employees and the protections they have in place for workers' rights. They also look an environmental commitments - so what fabrics are used and where they are sourced from. And they look at animal rights, so obviously brands that use animal products get marked down. 

Each brand is given a rating based on their five-point scale. the lowest rating is 'We avoid', then 'Not good enough', 'It's a start', 'Good' and for the best companies 'Great'!

Unfortunately, I have discovered that one of my favourite brands is rated as 'We avoid', so I won't be shopping there anymore! (My bank balance will thank me for this!)

The only problem I've found is that I can't seem to search by country, so when I look for brands, I sometimes find ones that look fab but them realise they are based in Australia and don't ship to the UK! The site also doesn't cover smaller brands, only looking at larger ones. But, it's a good start for doing research and trying to avoid spending money with companies you don't agree with. 


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