COVID-19 Update - please read

I'm sure you're all fed-up of hearing from every company you've ever had contact with about COVID-19, but here goes...

We are still open and operating and will continue to do so while we can. I will reduce post office drop-offs to twice a week, roughly once in the middle of the week and once at the weekend. If you need something urgently, please contact me to let me know and I will do my best. 

All stock is held in closed boxes and I always wash my hands before making up orders anyway. I will also take extra precautions by cleaning down the space where I make up orders as well. 

However, there are suggestions that, unlike most viruses we are familiar with, this one can survive longer on inanimate materials and objects. Therefore, when you receive an order we suggest you either resist the urge to open it immediately, but instead stash it away for a few days. Or, open the order but dispose of the packaging straight away (preferably in a bag), wash the new clothes and also wash your hands. 

All my orders are sent via Royal Mail and they have updated their procedures around parcels so they will leave them on your doorstep, ring the bell and step back, to allow you to safely collect them without the risk of being too close. You can read more about their procedures here -

Needless to say, if I, or anyone in my household, becomes ill I will cease dispatching orders immediately. We are currently all at home and plan to stay that way for the time-being, to reduce the risk of infection. 

Which means, like the rest of you, we're currently trying to juggle work and parenting! 

Stay safe everyone, and thank you for your on-going support. We will update you again if things change. 

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